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Used Land Rover Discovery 5 V6 Diesel Engines
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Cylinder Head Pressure Test
Short Block Pressure Test

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Buy Land Rover Discovery 5 V6 diesel engines, cheapest replacement cost

Land Rover is a British brand that manufactures 4-wheel cars, mainly SUVs. It started in 1948 and evolved into one of the biggest automobile giants in the world. Initially, all SUVs were for off-road usage but that all changed in 1970 with the launch of the Range Rover series by Land Rover and a vehicle was shown to the public which could do a good job for off-road usage but an even better job for on-road usage with all the luxuries and comfy driving experience on offer.

Land Rover, like other companies, also expanded and released the Discovery in 1989, which was a big hit and is currently in its 5th-gen. Throughout the years, several changes have been made in both the design and engine options to cater more and more customers. One of those changes was introducing the Diesel engine option in the 2004 Discovery 3.

The Discovery 5 is the fifth-generation of the Discovery series and was launched in 2016. It became the first Disco to lose the traditional V6 2.7L engine and currently offers two V6 engines of a higher specification which was described below.

Discovery 5 Engine Details

Discovery 5 has both Petrol and Diesel options but on the Diesel side, there are two 3.0L V6 engines this time. Previously, there was a 2.7L engine with a 3.0L engine being offered in Diesel but that changed with the launch of the Disco 5.

The first Diesel option is a 3.0L TDV6 L462 engine that has a power of 258bhp. The engine boasts a torque of 600Nm with a top speed of 209km/h. It goes from 0-100 in about 8.1 seconds. The second is an improved version of the 3.0L TDV6. It is the 3.0L SDV6 Diesel option which was released in 2017.

It has a power of 306bhp and a torque of 700Nm, which is significantly higher than the TDV6 version. It is a six-cylinder 2993cc engine and goes from 0-100 in 7 seconds while having a top speed of 209km/h. The top speed in both these engines is the same but the SDV6 gives that little bit more which is admired by most users.

Land Rover Discovery 5 Engine Problems

Land Rover is a brand that always fares poorly in the reliability parameters. It is one of the poorest automotive companies when it comes to producing reliable cars. Yes, luxury and high-performance are there but reliability is not a good substitute for them.

Issues with suspension and turbo have been aplenty and with an added issue of oil leakage from the crankshaft (front), it further poses a question mark on Land Rover’s vehicles. If your Discovery 5 is facing constant engine issues, you might need to replace the whole engine rather than shelling loads of money on repairs.

Where to Purchase Land Rover Discovery 5 (fifth-gen) Engines in the UK

If you own a Disco 5 and want to replace its engine, we recommend you do it with a robust used or reconditioned engine. You can get the best recon and used engines for your car from LandRoverV6DieselEngines, the ideal Land Rover option for you if you reside anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Discovery 5 Recon Engine Replacement

Comparing the prices of a new dealer engine and a recon engine from LandRoverV6DieselEngines shows a big difference, which is why you should always go for a recon engine over a new engine if you have the choice to do so. A recon engine is cheaper and reliable just like a new engine, and its lifespan is also about the same as a new engine that can be purchased from the dealer at nearly double the price.

Disco 5 Used Engine Replacement

Another viable option is to purchase a very lightly used engine for your Discovery 5. Purchasing reliable used engines are always a hassle but don’t worry as LandRoverV6DieselEngines has got you covered. We have the best used V6 engines available at your disposal for your Disco 5.

24 Months Warranty for V6 Diesel Engine

For any V6 Diesel engine that you buy from our portal, you can get up to 24 months of warranty with it. The warranty shows how much faith we put into our engines and is a testament to the quality of services we provide to our customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We, at LandRoverV6DieselEngines, always put the interests of our customers over our interests and never compromise on the quality of items provided to them. We also have a very reliable customer service to assist them at the time of need, which is why we have plenty of happy and satisfied customers. So if you’d like to get more information, get in touch with any of our representatives. We are always available to guide you in your V6 engine buying process for your Discovery 5.

Land Rover Discovery 5 V6 Diesel Engines Technical Details

Engines Engine Code Engine Size Body Chasis Power
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 211HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 249HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 258HP